2022-12-12 in Hirakata, Osaka prefecture

Event Information

The event on December 12th is at the KTM Kawamoto Kogyo Sogo Gymnasium (KTM河本工業総合体育館), also known as the Hirakata City Sogo Gymnasium (枚方市立総合体育館). The closest station is Fujisaka station (藤阪駅), which is on the JR Gakkentoshi line (学研都市線). From there it's about a 30-minute walk, or you can take a taxi. For directions by train to the station, please use this useful website:


The event begins at 9:00am and finishes at 3:00pm, but you can arrive at any time. Here are the details (times are approximate):

9:00am - open practice for wrestlers

12:00pm - lower division matches, comic sumo performance, drums

1:40pm - upper division ring entrance ceremony and matches

3:00pm - bow-twirling ceremony, end of event

No shoes are allowed in the venue. Bring your own slippers. You can buy them in convenience stores.

Ringside seats are cushions on the floor. The cushion is a souvenir that you may take home.

Children 2 years old and younger don't need a ticket if they don't need their own seat. Children 5 years old or younger may not sit in Ringside 'S'.

Food/Souvenir Set contains a boxed lunch, green tea, and 2 souvenirs. Food Set contains a boxed lunch and green tea. If you want to eat at the event, we strongly recommend buying a food set. These events often have very limited food, or no food at all, for sale on the day.

There will be Covid protocols in effect for the event. Please read the below information. These are the rules right now, but it could change.

1) If we buy the tickets for you and then the event is cancelled after that, we will help you to get the refund of ticket cost, but we keep a service charge of 1,200 yen per ticket, as in our Terms and Conditions. Our service is to assist you to get tickets, then to assist you with a refund if it becomes necessary, and for that we keep a charge.

2) A mask must be worn over your mouth and nose at all times at the event. Food/drink sales will be limited. Hand sanitiser must be used. Cheering vocally is not allowed, but applause is encouraged. The wrestlers will not interact with fans inside or outside of the venue.

3) Your temperature will be measured at the door and anybody who has a fever will not be allowed to enter. We think that there will not be a refund of ticket cost in that case, but it hasn't happened to any of our customers yet so we don't know exactly how it would work.

4) All other Terms will be the same as on our website here:


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