Other Events

We Can Help With Other Events!

If you're looking for pro wrestling tickets, please see our pro wrestling information page. We've also assisted with other events, such as baseball, soccer/football, concerts and more.

Please note that we are not experts in non-sumo events, so we cannot give the same level of advice as we do for sumo.

Please be specific in your request. Tell us what you want to see, where, and when.

Examples of requests we can help you with (specific information is provided):

Can you help me to get baseball tickets in Osaka from July 15th to 20th?

I want to go to the New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) Wrestle Kingdom event on January 4th in Tokyo.

Examples of requests we cannot help you with (these are too vague):

What other events are on during my time in Japan?

I want to see an event from November 1st to 10th. I'm interested in concerts, sports and theatre.

How to Order

If you want to order tickets, please click the button below. We look forward to hearing from you!