Pro Wrestling Ticket Information (NJPW, etc.)

Welcome, Pro Wrestling Fans!

We are primarily a sumo ticket business, but we also accept requests for professional wrestling tickets in Japan. You have become an important part of what we do, and we are happy to have your business! We want to explain to you a little about how our service works.

We Are a Buying Service

Most requests we receive are for New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW), especially Wrestle Kingdom, but we also accept orders for other promotions like DDT, Stardom, Marigold, Big Japan, All Japan, Noah, Freedoms, Dragon Gate, Tokyo Joshi, Sendai Girls, Ice Ribbon, Zero-1, Oz Academy, Gleat, Ganbare, Wave, Seadlinnng, and more! (Rizin has changed to an all e-ticket model, so we can't help with that anymore.)

We are a buying service, not a ticket seller. We don't "have" tickets, but we will do our best to buy anything that you order. If you make your order before the opening of public ticket sales, this is called a pre-order , and we will buy your tickets as soon as sales open. If the tickets you've chosen are not available, we downgrade to the next available section and refund the difference in cost. There is more information about this in our FAQ.

These promotions do not publish seating maps of the venues, so we are not able to answer specific questions about seat locations, rows, etc. We also cannot choose your exact seats within a section.

Our service charge is 1,800 yen per ticket, plus a small mark-up of about 3% to cover payment and ticketing fees that we must pay.

Shipping Methods and Costs

Terms and Conditions

NJPW Public Pre-Sale Option

Most NJPW events have a public pre-sale option, which is before the regular sale. You can choose which to use. The pre-sale is not free, we have to pay extra to use it, so we charge an extra fee of 1,800 yen per ticket, which is in addition to our normal service charge. Pre-sales often have very strict limits for how many tickets we can buy, so we might have to close orders for it depending on demand from our other customers. In the case that we can't accommodate you in the pre-sale, we will try to get tickets for you in the regular sale.

Please understand that using the pre-sale does not necessarily mean that you will get better seats. NJPW's ticketing doesn't work like that. You might get better seats, but you could also get equal seats, or even seats that are not as good, compared to the regular sale. The only definite benefit of using the pre-sale is that you will get confirmed tickets earlier.

How to Order

If you want to order tickets, please click the Shop button below to check if the event you want is already in our shop. If it isn't there yet, then please use the Contact Us button to request it. We only add an event to our site when somebody requests it, so don't be shy.