Privacy Policy

This is our attempt to make a simple and easy-to-understand privacy policy. You may contact us if you have questions . The information below applies to our entire domain, which includes the automated shop sub-domain at

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

In general, we try our best to collect only the personal data that we need to complete your order or answer your questions correctly. We are not interested in using your data for other purposes.

Basic Data

Our website collects data that we need to process your order, including your name, email address and location. You enter these data voluntarily, but without them we might not be able to help you.


Our website uses third-party contact form software to collect data that we need to process your order, including your name, email address and location. You enter these data voluntarily, but without them we might not be able to help you.


Our website uses analytics to observe your visit, such as how you arrive at our site, which pages you visit and links you click, your location and your IP address. These data are stored for a short time, often only hours or days. We also use a mailing list service that can tell us if, when and how many times you open certain group emails that we send.

Credit Card Data

We do not see or collect your credit card data. We process all payments with third-party services that are much bigger than us and much more capable of protecting your card data.

Who we share your data with

We will never sell or give your personal data to marketers. However, there are various third-party services that we use to do our job and to keep records, and they may see some or all of the data you provide to us, or send us some data that they collect. These services include our email provider, cloud-based spreadsheet, cloud sync and back-up, mailing list and transactional email service, contact forms, website live chat, payment processors, shipping companies, and a software that links together some of these services. If you are on one of our stable tour visits, we share your name and age with our insurance company so that we can insure you for that event. We are based in Japan, but the third-party services we use can be located all over the world. We won't publish the list of third-party services that we use here, but we can provide it to you if you request.

It's unfortunate that we have to write this next part, but we do. Harassment, threats and extortion are not covered by our privacy policy. If you send us messages containing any of these things, or other criminal activity, we reserve the right to turn over your messages and personal information to the relevant authorities or even into the public domain.

How long we retain your data

We do not set a limit for how long we store past emails and order data, unless you request us to erase it (see below). We do not use those data to market to you after your order is complete. You should only receive emails about the order you've made or other inquiries you have sent to us. We keep them for our records only.

What rights you have over your data

You can request to receive a summary of the personal data that we have about you. You can also request that we erase your personal data. This does not include any data we must keep for administrative, legal, tax or security purposes. We will not erase any data that is for an order less than 180 days old. This is because of the policies of credit card companies and payment processors. Some data, for example your emails, we will not erase unless they are more than 8 years old. These data are needed in case of a tax audit from the Japanese government, so that we can prove the details of your order.

App Privacy Policy – A Day At Sumo

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